We currently work with the Chief local Elected Officials, the Idaho Workforce Development Council and Idaho Department of labor as they carry out their responsibilities set forth under the Workforce Investment Act.

The Development Company has been involved in Workforce Development activities since 1980. Over the years, we have administered a number of federal workforce training programs and have assisted many businesses and Idahoans meet their employment and training needs. We also provide staff support to the State’s Dislocated Worker Unit in Rapid Response activities. Contact us to learn more.



Working with our partners to sustain a workforce development system that will produce an innovative and skilled workforce that allows business to thrive and provides economic opportunity to Idaho workers and their families.


Advocating for business in Eastern Idaho; helping them fill their employment and training related needs through our partnership with local agencies, the Department of Commerce and the Idaho Department of labor including helping local business access the Idaho Workforce Training Funds.


Working to support a comprehensive education and workforce delivery system, and improve awareness of the workforce system among employers, workers, partners and policy makers. We also work to expand its use and effectiveness.

Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund

If your company is expanding, bringing new jobs to Idaho, or retraining existing employees at risk of permanent layoff, we may be able to help you access Workforce Development Training funds to help you pay training costs. Contact us to learn more.

We provide SBA 504 and other loans in the nine county area of our region. This program works in conjunction with a participating private third party lender to fund business growth.learn more
Working with private and public agencies we assist communities in meeting infrastructure and public facility needs. Our staff has experience in all types of project development and finance.learn more
If you’re a small business looking to grow, we offer affordable¬†rent on office space, helping business owners¬†free up capital which can be used to hire employees or purchase equipment.learn more