LENDING : Small Business Loans in Eastern Idaho

APPLY ONLINE NOWWe work in conjunction with participating private third party lenders to fund the acquisition, construction and renovation of long-term fixed assets for start-ups and existing businesses looking to expand in Eastern Idaho. Our loans offer lower interest rates, longer terms, and smaller down payments than traditional long-term commercial financing.

The Development Company also owns and/or manages six (6) different Revolving Loan Funds, which serve a variety of single and/ or multiple county areas within our region. These funds provide financing for long-term fixed assets, inventory, accounts receivables, and other eligible tangible asset financing. Generally, a participating private third party lender is required to provide a portion of the project. The business must be small as considered by SBA standards, and be expanding and/ or creating or retaining jobs. Contact us to learn more or Apply Online.


This program is an excellent source of keeping the cash flow needs of small businesses low, both in the initial use of cash for down payments, and for the ongoing cash needed for debt repayment.learn more
This program is designed to provide long-term economic growth in rural communities through job creation and retention. This, in turn, will help alleviate long-term unemployment problems in affected areas.learn more
The purpose of the Microloan Program is to provide loans of generally smaller amounts to businesses in Eastern Idaho that might not otherwise be able to obtain them. These funds can be used for any legal business purpose.learn more
The purposes of this fund include providing small businesses with financing that cannot be found through other lending activities, and attempt to replace those jobs lost from the downsizing of the INEEL laboratories.learn more

Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund

If your company is expanding, bringing new jobs to Idaho, or retraining existing employees at risk of permanent layoff, we may be able to help you access Workforce Development Training funds to help you pay training costs. Contact us to learn more.

Working with private and public agencies we assist communities in meeting infrastructure and public facility needs. Our staff has experience in all types of project development and finance.learn more
If you’re a small business looking to grow, we offer affordable rent on office space, helping business owners free up capital which can be used to hire employees or purchase equipment.learn more