The business development buildings are very modern office spaces, providing a variety of space from Executive Suites to Larger Corporate Offices. If you're a Small Business looking to save some costs in order to grow your company, contact us today or download our application.

Enabling St. Anthony entrepreneurs in their quest to start their own business and thrive, The Development Company provides quality office spaces at prices that won’t cripple your business. We understand how hard it is to find good, affordable office space and we are here to help improve the workplace.  Through careful planning The Development Company has created prime office space for you.

No more overcrowded rooms and small cubicles. Let your workplace be an effective and workable environment for you. When walking into work you don’t want to be plagued by wishes and dreams of more leg room and better lighting. The Development Company has office space available in a variety of sizes in order to meet your business’ needs and desires.


Not only do our Executive Suites offer affordable rates, but they also feature amenities such as conference rooms, vending machines, bathrooms and showers, and an elevator for accessibility.learn more
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If you’re a Small Business looking to save some costs in order to grow your company, you can either contact us directly, or visit our Tenant Services page to download an application.tenant services